Providing a Higher Level of Service to Our Clients

Rocky Point Best Real Estate Services was founded with one goal in mind: to provide our clients with a higher level of service. We look at each day as an opportunity to create an environment that progresses our clients’ best interests. Our highly-skilled realtors understand that, from the clients’ perspective, real estate transactions can be a life-changing event. This is why we work tirelessly to negotiate the best deals possible while upholding the highest ethical standards.

Navigating the Real Estate Process Every Step of the Way

Whether you’re buying or selling real estate in Puerto Penasco (AKA Rocky Point) or Las Palomas, you’re going to need help navigating the real estate process, which can often be complex, especially in Mexico. Rocky Point Best Real Estate Services provides services for all aspects of real estate, including buying, selling, and managing investment portfolios. We essentially take our clients by the hand and guide them through every step of the process.

We also approach each client as a unique individual and tailor our services specifically to meet your needs. By leveraging technology and streamlining services, we can help you reach your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Meet the Team


Kenneth Wallace (Licensed Realtor)


Kenneth Wallace - Licensed Realtor

Kenny has been at the forefront of the Rocky Point real estate explosion and remembers when this thriving beach resort was just a small, quiet fishing village. His international business background gives Kenny a unique perspective on the ins and out of real estate transactions and, to date, he has sold tens of millions of dollars-worth of real estate. But what really sets Kenny apart is his dedication to educating clients so they can make the best purchasing decisions. His warmth and candor make him hugely popular with buyers from all over the world.



Joseph Toland (Licensed Realtor)

Joseph Toland - Licensed Realtor

Joseph has been a local resident of Rocky Point for many years and uses his local expertise to help clients find the best deals. A member of the AMPI group, he has been responsible for developing a reliable and secure framework for real estate investors that gives him an unequalled advantage in commercial transactions of all sizes. During his time with Rocky Point Best Real Estate Services he has personally closed millions of dollars in real estate transactions. If you have questions, chances are Joseph can answer them.


Chris Guarino (Licensed Realtor)

Chris Guarino - Licensed Realtor

Chris provides top level representation for all of his clients throughout the entire real estate process. While he’s relatively new to real estate, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge from his “previous life,” which allows him to negotiate the best deals for clients. IT expert and master researcher (if he doesn’t know the answer he’ll find it!), Chris has in depth knowledge of the Rocky Point community that many other agents in the area simply don’t have. Chris is a genuine people person and loves interacting with clients. And clients love the fact that Chris makes himself available and is a great communicator.


Sarina Brown (Licensed Realtor)


Sarina Brown - Licensed Realtor

Sarina has had a passion for real estate and began her real estate adventures in 1996 and has never looked back. An immediate natural, Sarina found herself loving the personal relationships she builds with every client. After 20 years of experience as a Realtor and as an investor, you would be hard pressed to find a more enthusiastic and trustworthy authority on Rocky Point Real Estate. Sarina specializes in beach properties, the luxury market, and new development projects in both the US and Mexico. She sits on the local board of real estate agents as the Vice President.

Sarina will guide you through the entire process of finding and purchasing real estate in Mexico using the proper legal channels for a secure investment.  You will be protected from any pitfalls of buying in a foreign country as Sarina carefully monitors your transaction. When dealing in a Foreign country it is imperative to be educated upfront, and Sarina's foresight is an invaluable asset to knowing your are making educated decisions.

Sarina's clients say things like, "Can't live without her", "We gained more then a property, we gained a friend", and "You would be crazy not to talk to Sarina about anything Rocky Point Real Estate related." But don't take their word for it, reach out and say "Hi"....You wont regret it.


Marie-Alice Kassir - Licensed Realtor








Patricia Thompson - Office Manager/Coordinator

Patty is the essential communications liaison between internal and external office of affairs such as the interaction between Agents and Clients to make sure all the transactions are handled in a timely manner, AMPI, Notaries, lawyers and other government officials. Her bilingual expertise is instrumental in making Rocky Point Best one of the fastest moving Realty Services in Mexico. Although Patty is new to real estate she has an extensive background in Business Administration.  She recently relocated full time to Rocky Point with her husband after retiring as a Regional Director form a large firm in Los Angeles, California. She spent a number of years in the Federal Government as a Facility Director of Nursing, she worked in the private sector as a Registered Nurse, She holds several degrees, and if any of you have the opportunity to stop by you will quickly find out that she is a people person and loves interaction with clients.


Yoselin Estudillo


With a positive attitude and commitment to work to overcome any challenge, Yoselin, Coordinator at Rocky Point Best has an extensive background in marketing, social media and as a closing coordinator. She has three years of experience in the Real Estate field and as a member of the Youth Parliament of Mexico she has the ability to listen and discern any problem you may have, ''Listen to the whispers and Never Have to hear the screams'' that is the key to provide you the Best service.



John Thompson Jr.


John M. Thompson Jr. is the CFO for Rocky Point Best and is a pronounced Organizational Developer; He holds his B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Aviation Management. John has recently retired from the Federal Aviation Administration as a Senior Executive, where he spent over 34 years working in every facet of the United States Government creating, developing and mentoring organizations in efficient and effective operations as it pertains to examining the way they do business. My vision is to help organizations see that they need to view things both tactically and strategically to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. I pride myself in my ability to help others see their capabilities to contribute no matter how great or how small all play a part in success. I have a beautiful and loving wife that I have been married to for over 31 years, without her I would not be who I am she has kept me steady in my faith, blessed me with raising 4 remarkable children that have made me very proud as a father and continue to always surprise me. 

We would be pleased to help you with your Rocky Point Real Estate needs. Get in touch with us today and let us help you reach your goals and turn your dreams into a reality. Email us at or call us on (480) 478-4784